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Send. Σε αυτό το άρθρο, θα δώσω λεπτομερείς οδηγίες σχετικά με τον τρόπο επίλυσης του προβλήματος DNS στο PlayStation 4. Switch to PRTG to get rid of all the DNS errors.

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The issue can be caused by a number of reasons, from PlayStation 4. Top result when googling NW-31253-4. Yeah I saw that, still dont know why I got the error if it was fine before.

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WS-37313-7 Echec du téléchargement en amont de la vidéo sur YouTube. HOW TO FIX DNS ERROR CODE ON PLAYSTATION 4 (Feb 2021). This video shows you how you fix the DNS error code that sometimes comes it could be that you have bad internet connection and   Error NW 31253 4 PS4 SOLUCION. carmelo pastor pomares. Error codes returned by the system software consist of a string containing two letters with a specific meaning, five digits followed by a hyphen and  If the error persists, contact the PlayStation Support.

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Cambio de servidores DNS en PS4 para conexiones Wi-Fi y LAN en caso de problemas con la  NW-31253-4 PS4 Se ha producido un error de red. La respuesta del servidor DNS se ha retrasado o es inestable. NP-38497-1 PS4 La conexión a E-80558337 PS4 PlayStation 4 no reconoce el contenido correctamente. Es posible que la  Felicitaciones ya puede descargar Error Nw312534 Ps4 Solucion en MP3 totalmente HOW TO FIX DNS ERROR CODE ON PLAYSTATION 4 (Feb 2021).

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So our internet went out the other day, and since it came back up shortly after, everything connects to the wifi but the PS4. Input these Google DNS servers: Primary: Secondary:; You can also use other free DNS servers; here are two common pairs: Cloudflare DNS – Primary Secondary; Open DNS – Primary Secondary; If one pair don’t work, try another pair. See our article on the best DNS for gaming for A simple Google search should be enough to point you to the right direction when it comes to the right open DNS address. Follow the instructions displayed in our other article in order to change the DNS address of your PlayStation 4.

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Help! DNS error - NW-31253- 4 ( submitted 1 year ago by stygg12. I have today tried to connect to the internet, but I keep on receiving an error message NW-31253-4 relating to my DNS. Another annoying PS4 error message that can come up is the DNS error NW-31253-4. This usually means the PS4 cannot connect to the  This error message is easily resolved usually by manually configuring the DNS servers on your PS4 console.

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